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severe thunderstorm warnings and a handful of flash flood warnings, too. you can see where the most intense cells are. they are all pushing southeast into calvert, charles, stafford, spotsylvania county, too. moving out of anne arundel and principle prince george's. he is sess, west moreland and richmond county, the northern neck, that goes until 5:15 where some of the heaviest rain is. and the potential even for some hail, as well as those high winds. could be up around 40 to 50 miles per hour. open it up and i wanted to show you while this line is south and east of us, we've got a break and another line north and west. and that's moving through the area right before midnight so not completely out of the woods. flash flood warnings for stafford, areas of king, george county, howard county and baltimore county. and this goes until 6:30. but look at the temperature. 79 degrees. the last time -- let's see. we've been up over 80 degrees since early wednesday morning.
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for hours and hours, for days and days. and now at 79 degrees, the first time that we have dropped below that. and setting a record, too, for as many hours above the 80-degree mark. so by tomorrow morning, guys, 72 to 73 degrees, and not humid, but less humid air for tomorrow. dorene? >> all right. thank you, veronica. more to come. a baby boy who was missing over the weekend is safe tonight after being found in northeast d.c. miles from home. a d.c. police officer spotted the 7-month-old who was from baltimore with his babysitter this morning. he was taken to the hospital before being reunited with his family. and john schriffen joins us now with more on the reunion. john? >> well, dorene, it was quite a scene at the hospital today. as soon as the young mother got word her son had been found, she rushed in from baltimore to d.c. now, while officials would not let reporters ask her any questions, it was clear she was glad this terrifying ordeal was over. in a frantic sprint, whitney mcgee arrived at children's
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hospital in northwest d.c., desperate to see her son. the 7-month-old had been missing for more than 48 hours until he was located this morning in d.c. minutes after the mother found an open entrance to the hospital and was reunited with her son, she came out to tell reporters the good news. >> my son is fine. nothing is wrong with him. >> reporter: the baltimore police department says the search started friday when little kion was seen with 16-year-old jonah boozer. she was supposed to be taking care of him. >> my son was in the house with some female and she walked off with my son. >> reporter: the break in the case came early this morning when a d.c. police officer on patrol spotted the 16-year-old along helen burrows avenue in northeast d.c. she was taken to the police station for questioning while d.c. fire and ems to the hospital for testing. >> the baby is okay. fine. they're running checks to make
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sure. we just thank god. we had everyone praying from, you know, the church, the community. it truly was just an act of god and we came together and just really prayed and believed that kion was going to be found. and found healthy and alive. and that was our prayer. >> i want to thank everybody that helped me find my son. i want to thank every police officer, i want to thank everybody -- everybody on facebook. everybo everybody, all my friends. i want to thank god. >> baltimore police say the 16-year-old babysitter was questioned by detectives all morning. at this point, no charges have been filed, but the investigation into how and why this happened continues. jim, dorene, back to you. >> okay, john schriffen, reporting, thank you, john. are you ready for some football? the nfl lockout is over now after four months. tonight players are gearing up in training camp. that begins this thursday for the redskins. dan hellie is live with the developments. it's happening, dan. >> oh, jim, happy days are here again.
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out here at redskins' park, there is no rain, it's not too hot, there is good weather and the nfl players have voted unanimously to approve that new labor deal. and we're not going to be going through this again for a long time, because the new collective bargaining agreement lasts for ten years. a decade before we have to deal with this stuff again. this morning, nfl players from the executive board met in downtown d.c. at the nflpa headquarters. then they were joined by some of the owners and after signing some papers, the deal was done. now, there are still some small issues to work out, but nothing that will keep football from being played. after four and a half months, the nfl is fully operational once again. >> we're happy that we've got an agreement that we've -- we have reached. i'll turn it over to roger to say a few words. and we'll finish it out. >> thank you. well, it's been a long time coming. and football is back. and that's the great news for
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everybody. i want to thank the -- all of the players for their leadership and for securing the long-term future of the game. having a ten-year agreement is extraordinarily great for the game, but most importantly our fans. >> that's nfl commissioner roger goodell and demaurice smith. what happens now? the park opens up to the players at 10:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. they're allowed to come in, work out, meet with the coaches, training camp, as jim said, starts in earnest on thursday. ten nfl teams will start training camp on wednesday. now also tomorrow, teams are allowed to start negotiating with free agents, but they can't sign them until friday. so when training camp starts thursday, there will still be players who have yet to be added to this roster. could be some big names. guys, we'll have the whole time line laid out for you coming up at 5:00 in just a few minutes. >> bring it. we're all ready for it, dan. thanks very much. we'll see you in a bit. we're following developments
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on capitol hill involving the debt reduction battle. there's still no agreement, but today republican and democratic leaders drafted two separate measures to avoid a government default next week. the house gop plan includes raising the debt ceiling, and cutting spending by $2.5 trillion in two stages, with one vote now and another next year. senate democrats would hike the borrowing limit, and trim $2.7 trillion over ten years. neither plan includes tax hikes. >> any serious debt reduction plan must include revenues, but in the interest of preventing a default, we can have the fight on revenues later. >> we believe it's a responsible, common sense plan that meets our obligations to the american people, and preserves the full faith and credit of the united states' government. the white house says president obama is supporting the senate's proposal, even though it does not include tax hikes. the deadline to reach an
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agreement is august 2nd, that's next tuesday. nancy pelosi has asked anneth ex panel to look into sexual misconduct allegations against oregon democratic congressman david woo. woo says he will not resign, but he also will not run for re-election, as he faces allegations of an unwanted sexual encounter with a teenager. the oregonian newspaper reports the alleged victim is the daughter of a friend of woo's. she says the incident happened last november at her house in southern california. the intense heatwave that hit our region last week is being blamed now for the death of a man in the district. 89-year-old lawrence graves was discovered dead outside his home over the weekend. craig melvin is in our newsroom to tell us what we know about the victim. craig? >> reporter: jim, the folks in his neighborhood will spend some time this afternoon, those folks loved him. he had been a fixture for decades. before retiring, he was an educator, also a community
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activist, as well. last week's record-breaking heat, as you just mentioned, the heatwave was uncomfortable, but for dr. lawrence, it was deadly. he collapsed in the heat. the-year-old dr. lawrence graves watered this yard practically every day. many times twice. regardless of the weather, his yard was a source of pride. that's where his next door neighbor found him. >> i was coming out of my house on saturday morning on my way to work, and i saw him sprawled on the ground. i ran immediately over to him, and i called 911. he wasn't responsive. and i figured it must have been the heat or something. >> reporter: it was. according to d.c.'s department of health, graves is the third heat related death in the city so far this year. he was watering his grass friday evening. the neighbor did not see him until saturday morning. knowing his father's body went undiscovered that long in sweltering heat was especially tough for craig lawrence to hear, but monday afternoon, he was remembering all of the good his father did. >> he was willing to bend over
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backwards to help people, no matter what. >> reporter: dr. graves spent much of his time volunteering here at dunbar high school, helping students get scholarships. in the late '60s, he was principal of a junior high, although his son is not sure he would have made it as a principal today. >> i would love to see him in the school now, because the way these kids wear their pants halfway up their back, he's got a paddle, he would -- i know he would be right on that butt right now. >> reporter: after he retired, he remained an active member in his communities. in the '90s, a and c commissioner, all the while serving as unofficial mayor. >> he's like a politician, water hes grass, wave at the neighbors, that was his social time. >> reporter: and his neighbors say they will miss him dearly. >> i'm definitely going to miss him. because those are the people that you really need in your neighborhood, that keep an eye on things. >> reporter: in this country, nearly 700 people die every year from heat-related injuries.
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that's more than any other weather event combined. experts at the centers for disease control say the youngest and oldest are most susceptible to heat illness. ask their best advice, simple. if you don't have to be outside for extended periods of time, stay indoors. back to you. >> touched a lot of lives. craig melvin, thanks so much. a firefighter is recovering from heat exhaustion after battling a house fire in hyattsville, maryland. crews were called out to the scene along 43rd place early this morning. the red cross is now helping the three people displaced by the flames. still no word on what sparked the fire. the man accused in friday's deadly attacks in norway is pleading not guilty. that's despite the fact that he admitted to carrying out the massacre. at least 76 people were killed after a bombing in oslo and a mass shooting at a nearby youth camp. anders bravic is the self-described perpetrator. he said he did it to stop cultural marxism, and in his words, muslim domination in
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europe. he'll be held for at least the next eight weeks until his next hearing. meanwhile, some 150,000 mourners gathered in oslo to honor the victims and denounce the violence. when we come back, next and new at 5:00 tonight, a patient kills her psychiatrist, then turns the gun on herself. tonight a friend of the victim talks about this tragedy. the risks of the job, and the warning signs just one day before the murder. the autopsy is over, but the answers still are unclear. why it could be months before authorities reveal what really killed amy winehouse. and edeal overload. is your e-mail flooded with online deals you don't plan on using? how to cash them in for something even better. news4 at 5:00 is just getting ♪ [ rock ] [ chattering ] [ man on tv ] 96309. [ man ] ♪ she got it, you got it ♪ i got it, we got it [ groans ] ♪ who's got it see you later. ♪ yeah!
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so that discount coupon or groupon you bought online is about to expire, and you're not going to use it after all. what do you do? >> a question a lot of people are asking right now, i bet. nbc's chris clackum has some answers. >> reporter: it's obviously happening a lot. frequent purchasers of edeals,
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those discount coupons from websites like groupon and living social. >> more than 20% of people who purchase groupons aren't using them. >> reporter: allison lynn, senior writer, says most coupons have an expiration date and a lot of time purchasers for coupons for things like, say, scuba lessons, allow them to expire for practical reasons. >> maybe you bought a group on for a romantic restaurant but broke up with your girlfriend and don't want to go anymore or a nightclub in san francisco, but then you find, you know what, i'm not going on that business trip, i don't need that gro groupon anymore. >> reporter: now there are websites to resell groupons purchased but can't be used before expiring. is one sight. couperecoupe another. >> you can list it on a website and sell it. >> reporter: the website may charge a fee, but at least some cost is recouped and the coupon is used as intended.
5:16 pm
>> businesses and groupon and living social want people to redeem these coupons, if you will. much like retailers want people to redeem gift cards. >> reporter: with some 400 e-deal sites available online, look for the coupon resale market to grow too. chris clackum, nbc news. >> the resale sites generally let the seller set their own price for the unwanted coupons, and most don't charge buyers additional fees. >> hmmm. all right. well, you don't need a coupon for this. the popular screen on the green returns to the national mall tonight. the 1967 movie "in the heat of the night" will be shown on the big screen on the national mall between 8 and 14th streets northwest. the movie will start around dusk, 8:30 or 9:00. best of all, it is free. and i think it's one of those weather-permitting things. >> i think there is a 70% chance it's going to be dry, which means a small chance we'll see a few thunderstorms around the area. >> the chance of going outside
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for a movie, though -- >> well, yeah. you know, the humidity still up. it's not going to be until tomorrow that we're going to start to see the humidity start to decline. so sticky -- do we like that out there? wet ground? >> no. no. >> well, you know who you are. exactly. >> some people will like it. >> we still have a pretty gunky atmosphere out there. 79 the temperature. the dew point still above 70 degrees. it's at 73 degrees, in fact, right now. we've got an east wind that's at 9 miles per hour. the heat index currently just 82 degrees, because of that lower temperature right now. all right. let's show you where the storms are currently. we've been watching this line make its way through the south and east. and it's just the first line. because there will be a second line moving in and through i think late tonight, some storms moving off the southeast there. and then we're seeing some more storms down across spotsylvania county, around stafford county, and around the northern neck, all pressing to the south and east. and then we've got some more storms further back up into the north and west that's going to
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be coming through here, i think, before midnight. but the fact that we've got the heavy rain out of these, a lot of rain in a short period of time, flash flood warnings for stafford county and king george county until 6:30. look at the temperatures out there now. 79 degrees here. this is really unbelievable, because, again, last time we saw temperatures that cool was before wednesday morning. so it's not been since early wednesday that our temperature has been low. back into the mid 80s. now to the north and west, where temperatures have gone up a little bit there. and the dew point temperatures, 70s here, 60s, hagerstown and around martinsburg, west virginia. there's the weather front right there around pittsburgh. and just south and east of columbus, ohio. so as that front comes through later tonight, tomorrow morning less humid air, definitely cooler air. we're going to get some sunshine here tomorrow and it's going to be a very nice day. in fact, two nice days coming our way, because wednesday more sunshine as high pressure gets over the area, and still again,
5:19 pm
low humidity. it's not until the end of the week the humidity will start climbing high and fast. so thunderstorms, you want to keep an eye on the sky this evening. 85 to 78 degrees will be falling off. we'll be cooling down. nicely. maybe even get a breeze around here. 65 to 72, a little bit of morning fog for tomorrow. then 89 to 93 degrees, your high temperature. so into the low the 90s tomorrow, we'll take that with sunshine. it's not going to be nearly as hot or nearly as humid around the area. 93 for wednesday, 95 with a chance for some much more needed rainfall on thursday. right now, the area, some 26 to 50% below average rainfall. could pick up some on thursday. friday right now, ooh, back up 99 degrees. but unlike the last heatwave, this won't last nearly as long, up around 97 to 99 degrees. we can take that. >> we can deal with that.
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>> starting to feel relentless. >> and rival last year with the 93 days we had too. >> thanks, veronica. next at 5:00 tonight, dna doubt. collectors have collecting evidence in the amanda knox case, and made a series of mistakes. what they did wrong that could set her free. leslie johnson is stepping down amid a corruption scandal. who is going to relace here? a look at the potential candidates. >> liz crenshaw. what's the minimum credit score
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credit and debt. two topics a lot of consumers don't like to talk about. >> yeah, play along at home with us. liz crenshaw is talking about it tonight, and she went looking for answers in her latest liz quiz. what did you find out? >> u.s. consumers, jim and dorene are more than $2 million in debt according to kiplinger personal finance. we took the quiz, the truth about credit and debt, to arlington, virginia. do you have a credit card? >> yes. >> reporter: okay. what percent of of credit card holders carry a balance of more than $10,000? is it 15%, 45% or 75% of credit card holders carry more than $10,000 -- >> 75%. >> actually, the answer is 15% of credit card holders have card
5:24 pm
balances of more than $10,000. according to kiplinger's personal finance, some good news about 40% have a balance of less than $1,000. now the next question. most bankruptcies in the u.s. are caused by high levels of credit card debt. true or false? >> i'd say true. >> reporter: the answer is false. kiplinger's says the three principle reasons for filing bankruptcy are medical problems, divorce and job loss. bankruptcy filings jumped 9% last year. true or false. you have no recourse if your credit card announces a rate increase. you have no recourse. true or false? >> i think false. >> reporter: the answer is false. the card act of 2009 requires credit card issuers to notify card holders 45 days in advance of any interest rate change. consumers can cancel the card and pay off the balance at the current interest rate, or transfer it to another card.
5:25 pm
here's the next question. the median fico credit score in the u.s. is 680, 711 or 800? the median. >> 680? >> reporter: actually, the median credit score in the u.s. is 711. fico credit scores range from 300 to 850. the higher the score, the better the interest rate when you need a loan. how is yours? is it good? >> it is. i'm closing on a home today. >> reporter: the minimum credit score needed to get the lowest 30-year fixed rate mortgage is -- 850 -- >> to get the best rate? 760. >> reporter: he's right. if you have a fico score of 760 or higher, you qualify for the best rates, according to fair isaac, the company that created the credit score. now the last question. on average, today's consumer has how many credit obligations at a credit bureau? how many credit cards, you know,
5:26 pm
mortgages, that kind of thing? is it 5, 13 or 19, on average? >> 19. >> reporter: the answer is 13. of these 13 credit obligations, nine are likely to be credit cards, and four are likely to be installment loans, such as auto, mortgage and student loans. you pay all your debts in full? >> yes. you have to. you get in so much trouble if you don't. that's a good attitude. you have to. i like that. but yeah, how about the medical bills, though, right? throwing a lot of people into bankruptcy. >> yeah. >> that was a surprise. >> well, we're doing better, aren't we? since the recession? >> that's right. we are -- >> we're saving more and we're spending less, that's right. >> feel less secure, so -- >> right. so we're being a little more careful with our money. >> nine credit cards, though. >> yeah. >> wow. >> and four installment loans on average. >> keeping us out of trouble, liz crenshaw. >> you guys did very well. i was very impressed. >> i didn't do 50/50. i only got two right.
5:27 pm
>> i was trying to be nice. >> well, we have a lot to learn, i guess. thank you, liz. >> you're welcome. coming up after the break, it's the surveillance video police want you to see, and why investigators are confident they'll make an arrest, even though cameras never got anybody's face on tape. a psychiatrist murdered inside his home in mclean what the doctor told a friend about the killer one day brrr before the attack. you've probably seen the construction, but only news4 cameras were a
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the baby was last seen with his 16-year-old babysitter friday. both were found by d.c. police this morning. police took the teenager in for questioning, but so far, no charges have been filed. the d.c. health department says an 89-year-old man died this weekend, because of the heat. lawrence graves had been watering his lawn friday night, but a neighbor didn't find his body in the yard until saturday morning. this is the third heat-related death in the city so far this year. and get ready for a bit of football, folks. the nfl owners and players have reached a deal, ending their four-month lockout. this deal means the regular season will start on time, as planned. training camp for the redskins starts on thursday. now let's fast4ward to the weather. >> in most neighborhoods, the rain has ended.
5:31 pm
did you like the cooling thunderstorms? 79 is the current temperature at reagan national airport. didn't do much for the humidity, still at 82%, the dew point at 73. is still muggy out there, giving us a heat index at 83 degrees. more storms coming into the area before midnight. so keep an eye on the sky. back to you. >> thanks, veronica. we are learning more tonight about a northern virginia psychiatrist shot and killed by one of his patients in an apparent murder/suicide. >> dr. mark lawrence was considered an innovator in his field. pat collins talked with one of his friends and colleagues. >> reporter: dr. mark lawrence. dr. john de louie. both psychiatrists. both close. they lunched together weekly. they traveled together often. but in a sudden burst of violence, dr. lawrence was dead.
5:32 pm
and this treasured friendship gone. >> it feels empty to me. i feel like i've really lost somebody i needed. yeah. >> reporter: dr. lawrence lived in an estate surrounded by this forest in mclean, virginia. a home constructed of old log cabins. an elaborate fencing system, not to keep people out, but to keep the deer from feasting on the classic gardens. dr. lawrence had a home office here, and it was here that he was shot and killed by one of his patients, who then turned the gun on herself. >> died at work. you see, this is a guy who dies with his boots on. he died at work, doing the thing he did very well and that he loved doing. >> reporter: dr. lawrence was an innovator in psychotherapy. he used hypnosis to help patients better understand their lives. at his home, he would counsel
5:33 pm
and treat some very difficult and dangerous people. a risk dr. de louie knows all too well. >> well, for him to die this way is just absolutely -- i mean, it's traumatic for us, for those of us who knew him. and, you know, i mean, this could happen to any one of us. because we all deal with people like this, who potentially could kill us. >> reporter: dr. mark lawrence. he lost his life trying to save another. he was 71 years old. is there any lesson to be learned from this? >> lesson. yeah. support mental health. >> reporter: i'm pat collins. news4, washington. >> now, police have identified dr. lawrence's patient and apparent killer as 62-year-old barbara newman of vienna,
5:34 pm
virginia. loudoun county sheriffs released this video of four suspects they're looking for in a mcdonald's hold up. it happened on pigeon hill drive in sterling. while all the suspects' faces were covered, police hope the dodger's cap and texas longhorns cap that two of the suspects were wearing will lead to an arrest. if you recognize the suspects, you're urged to call loudoun county sheriffs office. a federal judge denied a motion to dismiss bribery charges against a maryland state senator. ulysses curry of prince george's county is accused of taking bribes from shoppers food warehouse and of lying to federal investigators. prosecutors dropped nearly half of the charges in may, saying they duplicated other charges in the indictment. after that, his attorneys pushed to have the remaining charges dropped, as well. curry's trial is set for late september. disgraced prince jorngs county council member leslie johnson has less than a week before her resignation takes effect. so who will fill her shoes?
5:35 pm
chris gordon spent the day in district 6, where people are starting to prepare for this special election to replace her. chris? >> reporter: well, as you say, preparations are under way for a special election that hasn't even officially been scheduled yet. a citizens' advocacy group has scheduled a meeting here at this office park in the 9400 block of annapolis road in lan ham. and that will be open to the public this thursday evening. leslie johnson's resignation from the prince george's county sill takes effect july 31st. the council will then order a special primary within 60 days, and a special election to fill her seat within 90 days. but as soon as this thursday evening, a group called people for change is holding a community meeting to get voters ready. >> traditionally, we get a small turnout for special elections. and this is just too important of an election, because of the
5:36 pm
reason the seat was vacated, due to corruption, pay to play. >> reporter: leslie johnson resigned from the council after pleading guilty to evidence tampering. federal charges that she flushed a $100,000 check down the toilet and hid almost $80,000 in her bra at the direction of her husband, former county executive jack johnson, who pleaded guilty to accepting bribes from developers. so far, four candidates have expressed an interest in running to replace leslie johnson on council. art turner, mark polk, juron levi. >> some have a long history in prince george's county. and that might be good. but it might be better to have someone new who is not beholding to anyone. and who has a new idea. >> reporter: district 6 residents gather at this shopping center on campus way.
5:37 pm
this is where both leslie and jack johnson campaigned often, and know the voters here well. will the voters here participate in a special election? or will there be a low voter turnout. >> the way i vote in the election, if it's somebody i know that's capable that's not dirty. >> looking for somebody to be concerned about the schools in the county, first of all. the taxes, the property taxes are very high. so those two things are important to me. >> reporter: now, to put this in perspective, the last special election held here in prince george's county in another district, attracted only about 8% voter turnout. it is hoped by everyone that the special election coming up to replace leslie johnson will generate a lot more voter interest. that's the latest from prince george's county. back to you now in the studio. >> all right. chris gordon, thank you. there's another push for pepco to improve customer service. this time, it's coming from montgomery county. the county filed a brief with maryland's public service commission.
5:38 pm
it claims the utility has been unreliable and recommends pepco give more billing credits to customers after power outages. the county also wants maryland's public service commission to consider revoking pepco's franchise. today pepco said it's gearing up to deal with more weather-related outages, but so far there is no response to montgomery county's complaints. still to come tonight on news4 at 5:00, a stallen star's final moments. tonight amy winehouse's family speaks out as investigators zero in on the cause of death. slashing prices. why some of you can expect big savings on some
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police in london say an autopsy today did not establish a cause of death for amy winehouse. the 27-year-old singer was found dead inside her home saturday. wi winehouse struggled with drug and alcohol abuse. she called off a comeback tour after being wood booed off a stage. today her parents stopped by her home to see the tributes left by fans. >> thanks for coming. thank you very much. i hope to see you again soon. >> a private funeral for amy winehouse will be held tomorrow. there will be an official investigation into her death in october. the cost of many prescription medications is about to plummet. an unprecedented number of pharmaceutical patents are
5:42 pm
expiring, allowing generic versions to hit the market. among them, the two top-selling prescriptions, lipitor, and the blood thinner plavix. generic versions of asthma, diabetes, depression, hiv and by polar drugs are also expected to hit the market in the next 14 months. next on news4 at 5:00, an historic mega merger tonight. an exclusive look at the $2.5 billion facility to help our wounded war veterans on the road to recovery. and the nfl lockout is over. dan hellie is live at redskins' park with reaction from the
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
dozens spent the day
5:45 pm
cleaning up arlington national cemetery, all part of the 15th abdominal renewal and remembrance project. they spent the day mulching and planting across the cemetery grounds. it's a $2.5 billion project and the most monumental move in the history of the military health system. >> when the base realignment and closure project takes effect this fall, two of the country's largest military hospitals will be merged into one. >> walter reed and bethesda naval will be known as the walter reed national military medical center. news4 was the first local tv station allowed inside. here's melissa melai. >> reporter: construction has dominated the bethesda campus for much of the past six years. you've likely seen the outside. now our first look inside. it's almost as big as the mall of america. the construction doubling the campus capacity to more than 2
5:46 pm
million square feet. to the right of the historic tower, the arrowhead in patient building with a new e.r. high-tech hospital rooms, icu rooms, state of the art surgery suites. to the left, the all-new america building, 535,000 square feet of outpatient rehab areas, process lettek labs and clinics. pron session chief of staff dr. david batanti says they're accustomed to major moves. >> we move patients from iraq and afghanistan, and they get to our hospital and get here safely. the same thing is going to be done here. it's just a little bit different volume that we're looking at. >> reporter: there is also a new administration building, designed to match the old facade, which is on the national historic register, a healing garden, two new parking garages, and a number of beds they have now, 200, will grow to 345. >> this facility is a lot bigger than the one over at walter reed. it can facilitate a lot more people now, and it's awesome sgh
5:47 pm
150 patients currently treated at walter reed, 2,500 staff and truckload after truckload of equipment also heading over. >> we have been actively engaged for about a year now, just focusing on move day. >> reporter: 60% of walter reed's patients will be moved here, because of the merger, instead of seeing 600,000 patients a year, staff here will soon see more than 1 million. bethesda naval, known for treatment of penetrating brain injuries, walter reed for amputee care. they aren't just merging two historic hospitals, but their military cultures. >> the one and one is more than two when you bring the two together. >> reporter: some wounded warriors helped design the new barracks. 153, two-person suites. larger beds and countertops lowered, power outlets added. they have been training for an august move, the merger deadline, september 15th. and we will be more than
5:48 pm
prepared in the upcoming weeks. >> reporter: other patients and staff will go to a renovated ft. belvoir. the walter reed site, open since 1909, will close in mid september. some of its 113 acres will be transferred to the district. the rest will go to the department of state. >> i believe we're going to be the beacon for military medicine. as for the way to deliver world-class health care? >> reporter: in bethesda, melissa melai. >> want to we'll look at the technology, including a device that acts like a flight simulator for the body. that's tonight on news4 at 11:00. >> going to be doing amazing things there. that's just tremendous. >> impressive facility. let's get a final check on our weather. have things calmed down, veronica? >> they have. and we're really seeing the temperature drop in a lot of locations. upper 70s right now. reagan national, 79 degrees. but one thing huh hasn't changed, the humidity. still up there.
5:49 pm
82% with a dew point temperature of 73 degrees. so we're getting a break, at least, from the temperatures. we're still seeing some storms make their way south and east through the northern neck. athens, bowling green area in the next 29 to 39 minutes, you could be getting a bit of hail, as well as high winds. and then more storms stepping into the area late tonight, around 10:00 or 11:00 p.m. with the actually cold front coming through. that cold front will keep us at 92 degrees tomorrow. sunshine throughout the area, and low humidity, which is something that we absolutely love. because that's going to be sticking around for two days. tuesday and wednesday. the high heat back on friday, but it only lasts for friday and saturday before we drop back to 93 on sunday. jim, dorene? >> just doesn't feel like much of a cold front when the temperatures are only going down to 92. >> but low humidity. that's the thing you're going to notice. >> thanks, veronica. turning now to sports, and the deal to end the nfl lockout. finally. >> yeah. all smiles today, and nobody got injured, dan, after four months. amazing. >> yeah, good point, jim and
5:50 pm
dorene. it is a done deal. players voted to okay the new labor agreement in downtown washington today. and after four and a half months, both sides, the owners and the players, seem to be pretty pleased. this facility out here at redskins park, as well as facilities all over the nfl open up tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. for players to report. training camp for the redskins starts on thursday. so it took a while, but football is back. >> it's a great day. we stand on the eve of the day when football gets back into business and our players can't be more excited than going back and doing the thing they love the most. we always said throughout this process we would do a deal when it's right and when it's the right deal and our players did that. >> at the end of the day, neither side got everything they wanted. but i think what we did achieve was a fair deal that will stand the test of time. and bei in the best interest of all of the players, our clubs and our fans. >> so here's a look at how
5:51 pm
things are going to go down. tuesday, 10:00 a.m., facilities open. free agency starts. now, they can talk to free agents, but they can't sign any until friday. they can't start signing their rookies and rookie free agents, however. wednesday, ten teams report to training camp. thursday, redskins start. and the team can begin waiving players. so perhaps albert haynesworth, perhaps donovan mcnabb could be gone. friday, free agents can sign. and august 4th is the deadline for recertification of the union. all right. so in the final day of freedom, what were redskins doing? at least half a dozen of them were doing a charity event at a local target, providing clothes and providing school items for kids before they get ready for school. the event spearheaded bydor recognizo alexander also attended by the man who has basically been anointed to future starting quarterback of the washington redskins. i am, of course, talking about john beck, and he says he's
5:52 pm
ready to go. >> bring it. >> let's see if it fits. >> reporter: it was a back to school feeling for the kids and the players who were giddy to find out they would be playing football again in a matter of days. >> i'm excited for the news we're hearing today. i'm sure it will get finalized sometime today or tomorrow. but definitely kite exciting, because we have been waiting a long time and means we can get back to work and playing football, back to being in the facility, and, you know, football season is on. >> just ready to get back. around this time your body starts feeling the itch for the contact, ready to compete and a blessing we're going to play this game again and got everything figured out in time for the season to start. >> you're probably about 60 pounds, right? >> reporter: randall and all of the players took full advantage of their only entirely free off season they will have for the next decade. sips the new labor agreement goes for ten years. >> my wife and i are expecting a baby, so it was kind of a
5:53 pm
blessing in disguise. i was able to have the time off and spend it with her and as she goes along with the pregnancy. but, you know, i'm ready to get back and get after things. >> i got more involved in real estate, which my wife is doing. obviously, the charity work, trying to ramp that up as best i can and try to grow my brand as a person and make myself i guess a very strong point in this community. >> and soon, there will be a free agent frenzy, which leaves players like kedric goalston wondering where they will be. >> it's going to be exciting. i mean, you know, i think it's everything. march madness, super bowl, the daytona 500. and nba finals all wrapped up into one thing. because it's just going to be transaction after transaction, change after change. so an exciting time for the nfl. >> i assume you want to stay here with the redskins, but you've probably been talking with your agent to find out what's going on. >> definitely. i was drafted. i'm a redskin until somebody tells me otherwise. i have roots here, and i hope they feel the same way about me.
5:54 pm
so we'll see. that will work itself out. but i've definitely been talking to my agent and just weighing my options. >> guys, kedric can't go anywhere, because he started a new pill lotties studio, along with alexander. so they have to re-sign him, right? >> yes. pilates is the priority. >> a lot of action in a condensed amount of time. all of a sudden. thanks, dan. >> see you at 6:00. jim vance is here with a preview of news4 at 6:00 tonight. >> tonight at 6:00, the man who caused all of that carnage in norway went into court today and pled not guilty. we'll have a report from oslo. nearly 24 hours after the collision of two high-speed trains in japan, they found a 2-year-old child who survived. we'll tell you more about that. and for any driver that's ever been stuck in traffic on i-66 in virginia, might like to know there is some relief coming your way. those stories and more coming up at 6:00. >> all right. we'll see you then.
5:55 pm
>> see you in a few minutes. coming up next on news4 at 5:00, another programming note. president obama will speak to the nation at 9:00 tonight about the debt showdown. we'll carry that live here on news4. and as you see there, another twist in the amanda knox trial. what one expert said on the stand that could clear her name as she appeals a murder
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
5:58 pm
new testimony could help amanda knox win an appeal of her murder conviction. keith miller has the developments. >> reporter: the underground courtroom bunker built to prosecute mafia bosses was packed as knox, appearing relaxed, joined her defense team. but at the signal court was in session, knox visibly stiffened. this is the last chance for justice she says she deserves. then the forensic scientist testified the results used to convict knox and her former boyfriend failed to conform to international standards. specifically, the knife allegedly used to murder knox's roommate, meredith concerner, an exchange student from england, could not be retested, as there wasn't enough dna material to analyze. and another key piece of evidence. dna allegedly matching knox's codefendant is too contaminated to evaluate.
5:59 pm
>> we're hearing very minute, fine detail, the mistakes that were quite obviously made. >> reporter: in the closing stages of the trial, the defense team will also raise the issue of motive. the prosecution originally claimed this was a crime linked to a sex game gone wrong. but that theory was never proved in court. the fallback motive that knox murdered her roommate in a jealous rage seems to have fallen flat. and this trial remains on the front pages here, because in these closing days of testimony, it appears that an innocent girl has been convicted of a crime she didn't commit. keith miller, nbc news, per uja. >> that's it for news4 at 5:00 tonight. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. you're watching nbc 4, washington's news leader. now live in hd, this is news4 at 6:00. the death of singer amy winehouse was not suspicious, but there are still some questions after her

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